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Showing posts from March 22, 2009

Posh Paper Clips

So on one of my weekend outings I found myself at Wish Me Antiques and Collectibles in Parkville Maryland. If you want odd ball knickknacks, historic postcards or quasi antique finds this is the place to go. The carry nice collectible glassware shelved next to button jars and old pretzel containers full of old matchbooks.

But my find of the day was a $5 grab bag of old jewelry goodies. The bag held lots of good finds that would soon be made into bobby pins that I sell on my Etsy site. But by far my favorite "hidden treasure" of the grab bag was a funny yet fabulous paper clip necklace.

I imagine an underpaid overworked bored receptionist somewhere out there carefully rolling pieces of gingham contact paper around each paper clip just so and arranging them in a flourish at the end.

Although the photos show a co-worker of mine displaying the priceless piece, I am currently wearing this wanna-be Tiffany treasure with pride. Perhaps some of you cubicle dwellers out there will be in…