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Fork Tassel Necklace

For many, losing weight is a priority in the new year. Well this tutorial can help! How do you say? Well next time you want to pick up a fork to eat a piece of cake, craft with it instead.

18" chain with findings
Embroidery thread—4 Colors Scissors Dinner fork

Tape the chain to the the fork, keeping it towards one of the outer prongs. Using your first color of embroidery thread, start wrapping it around the fork and chain. I just kept wrapping until I thought I had enough thread to make a nice sized tassel.

Cut about a 12" piece of the thread and weave it through the fork prong and around your bundle of wrapped thread (Fig. 2a). Tie the thread tightly (Fig. 2b). Weave the ends through again and around to the back and tie again, make sure to tie it tightly and double knot the thread so it does not come undone (Fig. 2c). Trim the long ends (I trimmed them the length of the tassel so they would blend in).

Make three more tassels on the fork with the other embroid…