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In a Zip –Zipper Flower Tutorial

These cute zipper flowers can me made into a number of accessories by adding different backers such as a pin. I made them into two hair accessories (go figure). So get some supplies and start crafting…you will have your own in a zip!

Supplies:22” zipperScissorsGlue GunFeltNeedleThreadHeadband or gator clipCut bottom end off of the zipper and remove the sliding “zipper” piece. You will have 2 zipper ribbons, both are used to make the flower.

Using the felt, cut out one 1” round piece and one 1.25” round piece. Take the 1” round piece of felt and sew the end to the center of the circle.

Take the zipper ribbon and loop it up and around so it looks like fig. 4. The loop should be approximately 2” from end to end. Stitch the loop in place through the center.

Loop the zipper ribbon a second time making a “figure 8” and stitch in place.

Repeat steps 4 and 5, moving the ribbon loops to the side of the one you just created. See Figures 6A through 6C. When you get to the end of the first zipper ribb…