Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scan It

With the dawn of the digital camera and inexpensive stock photography, it is hard to remember the days when you had to scan photos and art for your projects. Furthermore, for crafts such as scrap booking there is aisle upon aisle of preprinted papers, stickers and embellishments ready to be used right off the shelf.

But, if you are anything like me, sometimes you have a hankering for something unique and personal. Maybe a pattern from your favorite dress or a pack of buttons from your grandmom’s sewing basket. You could take a digital shot of these items but before you do that I suggest that you try scanning it. By definition a scanner is a device to scan documents but I think a scanner can be so much more. I throw almost any small item with a shallow depth on the scanner and usually get great results.

When scanning 3D objects you might have to use a piece of white clothe or paper to place on top since you in some instances the lid will not close. Sometimes I just keep it open and don’t back it at all depending on the object. Play around and try scanning the object a few different ways. Often you get a distinct piece of art that you will not find anywhere else.

Here are a few of my own scans:

Wooden Type

Brass Keys

Vintage Button Cards