Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wine Time—Themed Thursday

In the words of a girl friend of mine....Jug o wine taste so good! I'm not sure about you, but I feel that there is a wine to accompany any occasion. More often than not I find myself making up an occasion to accompany the wine. So uncork a bottle and do some online shopping to pair your wine with some of these full bodied charming handmade items.

Would you like some cheese with your wine? Of course you would, especially when the cheese is served on these Eco Friendly Green Wine Bottle Cheese Trays from CDChilds.

R2D2 may have been helped to defeat the Emperor but he doesn't hold a candle to a robot who can hold my wine! I fully functional robot is usually hard to find but Paperdoll Workshop makes it easy, featuring this great Robot Wine Rack.

Your wine can have a floral bouquet regardless of the wine with these delightful Hibiscus Slipon Costers from Dimmalimm.

I would like to say something clever about this oh so true sign from Lonoras Woodcrafts'...but I think it speaks for itself.