Friday, January 20, 2012

Will you help me with my Valentine?

Last year I posted a series of Valentine's Day cards that could be downloaded and printed to give to your loved ones. This year I would love to do the same thing but I need some help. Last years cards included pirates, zombies, squirrels and Mr. T....I know, I know, how in the hell can you top Mr. T? Well I have some crafty followers and I think it can be done!

So what I need are some good (and kind of stupid funny) Valentine's day card ideas. Please post a comment with your ideas. If the idea makes me laugh I will turn it into a downloadable card and post them the week of Valentine's day. Please keep in mind that I like raunchy however I would like to not be blatantly pornographic, be crafty I love some good innuendo.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bob Ross Style

Last week and I messed up an order that I was making which at the time totally cheesed me off. Like an adult I totally had a tantrum and chucked the feather base onto a shelf, screamed then started over.

After a calming girls weekend away, I entered my craft room last night with a new perspective. "What would Bob Ross do?"

As a child I would love to watch his show on PBS and to this day I think he is part of the reason I even attended art school. Bob Ross never threw a tantrum. No, even though his Jordache Jeans were so tight he probably lost circulation in his manly areas and even though he painted the same landscape for 20 years (just with in different seasons), he would never let a mishap get him down. Hell no, he would have had a "Happy Accident."

So with a new lease on my mishap I busted out the Jordache Jeans, teased my hair into a fro and got to work. I have decided to share my "Happy Accident" below: