Thursday, October 15, 2009

Something Wicked this Way Comes—Themed Thursday

Since searching out unique items is one of my favorite internet past times I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and incorporate some of these searches into my blog. So I have decided that Thursdays would now be Themed Thursdays. Pretty simple idea, I pick a theme and do a search on Esty and see what I come up with and share some of them with my few but loyal blog readers. So here it goes, my first theme:

Something Wicked this Way Comes

You can't help the urge to grab a broom and threaten little dogs named Toto while wearing this Custom Halloween Witch Hat by Blooming Couture

I'm not sure about you but nothing says wicked to me like deer antlers and an evil sneer which has been perfectly captured by Alma Pottery in their piece My main man the wicked one

Planning on changing your career to evil henchman? Well clothes make the man and this Mini Top Hat from Gypsy Lady's Hats is a must have to further your new career.

Do I make you horny? Bring out your inner horn dog with these Malice III Horns from Gypsy Roses.