Monday, July 12, 2010

Pretty (crazy) in Pink

I decided that it would be fun to wear an over the top hair piece when I work at craft shows. Something a little extra so people remember me, I like crazy so why not? Little did I know what impression I would make!

Recently I was contacted by a customer from Pile of Craft. "I bought one of your pieces at the Pile of Craft Artshow to wear at my birthday party. But I can't stop thinking about the doll leg crown that you were wearing…Any way, how would you like to fashion me a wild and wonderful birthday crown! Something like what you were wearing at the show. My dress is pink and the theme if anything is southern, as I am from Lousiana. "

Make something completely wild and crazy...well twist my arm! Knowing that she is from Lousiana but now lives in Baltimore I gave here headband a bit of Big Easy meets Bmore flair! See for yourselves: