Monday, March 30, 2009

My Spring Garden

So as I sit here two days away from April looking out the window at the drab gray skies I'm wondering when spring will come. I love gardening and have been waiting for a beautiful spring day to get out and play in the dirt.

But since that day has not come, I looked for a little help from my friend Megan from Eternal Etchings in Villas, NJ for some alternative spring gardening. Megan is a great artist whose main canvas is the human body. On several occasions she has drawn and tattooed custom work for me, my husband and our friends. This is a tattoo added to a grouping of flowers that start on my foot and wrap around the back of my ankle.

Hopefully this will inspire you to think of alternative ways to garden yourself even in bad weather.

So here is my spring garden compliments of Megan.

Here is the first half of the tattoo that is on my foot and starts rapping around the back of the ankle:

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  1. i love this tattoo so much! keep it growing!