Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pipe Cleaner Candy Cane How-To (Great for kids)

Much like now, as a child my favorite past time was to craft. In anticipation of the winter holidays, year round I would construct tree ornaments. Bless my mother’s heart no matter how abominable the ornament she would hang it on our tree (where some still hang today). So to help channel my holiday craft spirit (and to keep too many toilet tissue roll ornaments from adorning the tree) my mom came up with this simple but cute candy cane craft for me to make.

What you will need:
1-red pipe cleaner
2-white pipe cleaners
Standard #2 wooden pencil
  1. Take one red pipe cleaner and one white pipe cleaner, holding them side by side wind them around the pencil (fig. 1A and 1B).

  2. After the pipe cleaners have been wound from beginning to end carefully slip out the pencil. You will now have a red and white tube (fig. 2).

  3. Take the third pipe cleaner and guide it into the tube’s center (fig. 3).

  4. Take one end of the center pipe cleaner and fold it to clamp the outside of the candy cane, securing it in place (fig. 4).
  5. Trim the center pipe cleaner on the opposite end to about a half of inch (fig. 5).. Repeat step 4.

  6. Take your pipe cleaner barber pole and bend it into a candy cane shape (fig. 6).

Note: You can use up to four pipe cleaners to make larger candy canes (fig. note).

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  1. Thanks for the idea! I was looking for a way to use up red and white pipe cleaners for our Brownie troop Christmas party