Monday, August 2, 2010

Porking around an old cookbook

I love old cookbooks. I often find myself picking them up at yard sales and thrift shops even though I own dozens. Do I love cooking? Not really, what I really like are the old photos and kitschy illustrations that often appear in vintage cookbooks.

So you can imagine my pleasure upon finding the Cutco Meat and Poultry Cookbook. It was published in 1956 by the Wear-Ever Aluminum, Inc. company and was probably a freebie given out to Cutco cutlery customers. A few illustrations were just too good to keep to myself so I decided to share them with you (all 20 of ya)!

In today's world where most smoking is band from public places, it is hard to imagine a smoking pig appearing in a cookbook. I supposed smoking livestock was a bit more accepted in the 1950's (unless he was a communist I suppose).

As a graphic designer I often cringe when clients want a literal interpretation but I have to admit that the illustrator to this horseradish sauce is a genius in my book.

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