Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 Highlandtown Wine Festival

Come see me and several of my crafty friends at the 8th annual Highlandtown Wine Festival this weekend!

The Highlandtown Wine Festival celebrates the tradition of home winemaking (and some home crafting!). The event will be held at Our Lady of Pompei Convent Garden on Father Petti Lane (around the corner from Claremont & Conkling Streets). The festival will feature a Homemade Wine Competition, Wine Tastings, a Bocce Tournament, plenty of food, local crafts and music.

Here is a little taste of some of the crafts you will see:

Feather and flower accessories from Design by Night (you know you can't keep me away from a festival all for wine!)

Soaps, lotions and best yet whipped body butter (a must for home use the night of the wine festival) by my girl (and fellow wine lover) Jenni from Lanabella.

What could be better than glitter and unicorns? Glitter and local wine of course! For a full bodied helping of glitter visit Lauren from Jersey Girl Design.

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