Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Recycled Packing Material

I am a bubble wrap girl. Even as a child I was more excited about popping the bubble wrap than playing with the item the bubble wrap was protecting. So recently when I was packing up one of my feather creations to ship and I reached for the bubble wrap and it wasn't there I didn't know what to do. It was late and I couldn't go to the store but the package needed to ship first thing in the morning.

I wandered around the house looking for packing items when I came upon my "bag o' bags." You know, that bag of plastic bags you get from stores? I usually try to bring reusable bags but find that I still have at least a dozen plastic bags on hand. I usually use them as trash or doggy poo bags or return them to the recycle bins at the stores but now I use them for packing.

Plastic store bags make great packing material around delicate objects! So the next time you need packing material grab for that bag o' bags. I usually wrap the item in tissue paper before I pack it with the plastic store bags since the store bags ink sometimes rubs off.

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