Friday, December 23, 2011

No Sew Felt Flower Pin

Need a last minute gift? Make this no sew felt flower brooch.


1/8" yard of felt for flower
Pin backer
Hot glue gun

  1. Print out the pattern below and cut out 14 petals, 1 pin cover and 1 base from the felt. (Use the scale to make sure the print out is the correct size).
  2. Take a dab of hot glue and place it at the bottom middle of the petal and fold down the right hand side. Place a second dab of glue in a similar area and fold the left side so it forms the shape below. Note the concave edge of the petal is the bottom. Repeat step with the remainder of the petals.

  3. Take four of the petals and glue them on the outside edge of the circle backer in a north, east, west, south manner (like the points of a compass).

  4. Take four more petals and glue them between the "compass" petals.

  5. Take the remaining five petals and glue them closer to the center of the backer, arranging them in a circle.

  6. Cut a strip of felt 12" long by 1" wide. Fold in half and place a few dabs of glue along the open long end of the strip to keep fold in place. Using scissors carefully snip "fringe" along the folded edge.

  7. Roll the fringe strip into a circle, using hot glue to tack it in place.

  8. Glue the fringe circle in the center of the petals.

  9. Turn over the flower and hot glue the pin to the center. Use the heart to cover up the pin back.


  1. That is so elegant! I always wondered how people stitched it all up, but apparently glue is the way to go. Thank you for sharing.