Friday, January 27, 2012

Paint Chip Bookmarks

Every time I go to the hardware store I am drawn to all the paint samples and their rainbow of colors. For years I've thought that there is some craft opportunities in those paint chips but haven't done anything about it until now. My last trip to the hardware store I picked up a fistful of swatches in a plethora of colors in the hopes of coming up with something crafty.

Here is my first (and very simple) use of the paint swatches. Since Valentine's day is approaching I decided to make a Valentine's day bookmarks using rubber stamps. These bookmarks could easily become a cute accessory to the normal Valentine's day cards (or with a little extra work even become the card itself!)

On a side note look at them names of swatches...some of them are really cute and could lend themselves to certain occasions. Some of the swatch names that I chose are Love St. Valentine's Day, True Royal Love and Young April Love, all perfect for V-day.

To make these bookmarks you will need:
• paint swatches
• hole punch
• stamps & ink
• ribbon

Stamp artwork on the color blocks. Because the color is actually paint and not ink on paper, the ink tends to smear if you are not careful. You might want to take a few extra paint swatches to get the feel of stamping on the paint. Plus, the ink takes longer to dry so be heedful or it will smudge. After the ink is thoroughly dry, punch a hole in the top center of the swatch sheet and thread some ribbon through the hole...ta da...super easy and cheap bookmark Valentines.

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  1. It`s very nice and interesting.I love colors and reading so it`s good things:))