Monday, March 5, 2012

Guinness Shamrock Pin

As a child we always celebrated St. Patrick's day in my house. I remember having a collection of St. Pat's pins that I could wear on my boring school uniform...a new one for each year. To this day I love St. Patrick's day so I decided to make myself a grown up (but fun) shamrock pin.

1-bottle of Guinness beer
Green felt
Pin back
Needle and thread (match to felt)
Hot glue gun

  1. Drink beer and save bottle cap.
  2. Print out the pattern below and cut out 4 large petals, 1 pin cover and 1 base from the felt. (Use the scale to make sure the print out is the correct size).
  3. Thread the needle and knot off the end. Put a gather stitch the flat bottom of the small petals until they are all stitched together in a row.

  4. Pull the thread to gather the petals and tie a knot but DO NOT cut the thread yet. Wrap the petals around to start forming the clover and stay stitch it in place, now you can cut the thread.

  5. Glue the round base to the center of the clover.

  6. Glue on the pin in the center of the round base and cover with the heart.

  7. Turn the clover over and hot glue the beer cap to the center.

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