Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tassel Earring Tutorial

Tassels just aren't for ta-tas any more! Make these cute tassel earrings out of inexpensive embroidery floss. A pair will cost you just a few dollars to make.

2-skeins of 26 feet (8 meters) embroidery floss
2-ear wires
2-jump rings
jewelry pliers
2-wooden beads 10 mm or larger, make sure they have a wide enough hole to thread the embroidery floss through
card board about 4" x 4"*

*you can use something from the recycling bin for the cardboard, such as a cereal or cracker box

  1. Using the diagram below make a tassel maker out of cardboard.
  2.  Open one of the skeins of floss and cut off one 12" piece and one 24" piece. Take the 12" piece and put it aside. Place the 12" strip in the slits you cut on each side of the cardboard.
  3. Using the what is left of the open skein of embroidery floss, take the end and hold it with your thumb at the bottom of the cardboard. Start wrapping the floss around the cardboard until you have used all of the embroidery floss from the skein.

  4. Take the 24" piece of floss and fold it in half. Wrap the doubled up floss around the bundle of floss at the top using the cut out in the cardboard. Double tie off the floss to form the tassel top (make sure it is tight).
  5. Take the scissors and carefully slide them between the cardboard and the floss at the bottom of the tassel. Cut the bottom loop of the floss to create the tassel.
  6. Unattached the floss from the two slits and carefully slide the tassel off of the cardboard making sure that you do not accidentally pull out the top 12" piece of embroidery floss.
  7.  Tie off the top piece of floss. Do not tie it too tight, you do not want to squeeze the top "ball" of the tassel.
  8. Thread the top floss through one of the beads. Add a jump ring to one of the pieces.
  9. Tie the jump ring tight to the top of the bead and double knot. Trim floss close to the knot and try to tuck the pieces into the bead hole.
  10. Carefully open the jump ring and attach it to the ear wire.
  11. Repeat steps 2 thru 10 with the second skein of embroidery floss to create the second tassel earring. 


  1. awesome! following your blog now :)

  2. Great idea! Nice tutorial! Thanks for sharing!
    {Fan, by sofan!}

  3. Beautiful, I need some like that. :D