Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rework Your Necklace!

I have a bunch of cheapy long bead plastic necklaces that I have picked up over the years. You can usually find them at yard sales and thrift store for a quarter. I often put them on then take them right off, until now! Rework your necklaces with a few minutes, some ribbon and a pair of scissors. Here's how:

I used 3 necklaces and some grosgrain ribbon.
Cut the ribbon into four pieces, two-12" and two-18".

Take one 18" piece and loop it through all the necklaces.
Tie a into a single knot.

Take a 12" piece of ribbon and center it on the knotted ribbon.
Using the ribbon that is already knotted to the necklaces
tie the 12" piece to the mix.

Take the 12" piece of ribbon and tie it into a bow.
Trim ribbon ends as needed. Repeat with the other side.

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